Tentative – Dates, Times, and Classes Subject To Change

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Last Updated: April 22nd, 2019

June 16:30PMBoscobel, WITWD, SF, LTPS, LLSS, LSSIncomplete
June 86:30PMEllsworth, WI FWD, LMPS, LTPS, MINI, SFT, TWD, HSS, LSS, SEMI (INVITE)Incomplete
June 9-Ellsworth, WIRAIN DATENo Results
June 157:00PMDorchester, WITWD, LTPS, LSS, LIMPS, 2.6 TRUCKS, LLSSIncomplete
June 20 - Session 17:00PMTomah, WI*Visit for more information.
June 21 - Session 211:00AMTomah, WI*Visit for more information.Visit*
June 21 - Session 36:00PMTomah, WI*Visit for more information.Visit*
June 22 - Session 411:00AMTomah, WI*Visit for more information.
June 22 - Session 56:00PMTomah, WI*Visit for more information.Visit*
June 297:00 PMBloomington, WILMPS, SF, TWD LLSS, PF (Invite)Incomplete
July 136:00 PMRiver Falls, WI"FF0000">SFT, LTPS, LIMPS LSSIncomplete
July 267:30 pm Medford, WISF, LTPS, LSSIncomplete
July 277:00PMMenomonie, WISFT, LMPS, FWD, TWD, MINI LLSSIncomplete
August 37:00PMHammond, WISFT, LTPS, LSS, LIMPS,LLSS, FWDIncomplete
August 106:30 PMNorwalk, WI HSS, LSS, LIMPS SF, LLSS, TWD, LTPSIncomplete
August 175:30 PMColby, WILMPS,MINI, FWD, TWDLSS, SF, LTPS,LLSS, 2.6 TRUCKS(INVITE)Incomplete
August 246:00 PMWeyauwega, WI TWD, LIMPS, MINI LLSS, LSS, LTPSIncomplete
August 317:00 PMJim Falls, WIFWD, SS TRUCK, 2.6 TRUCK, LLSS, LIMPSIncomplete
September 17:00 PMRidgeland, WILMPS, LSS, LTPS, SF, TWD, MINI LLSSIncomplete
September 2-RAIN DATE

Red = Region 3 Classes
Blue =Grand National Classes (no state points)

For more information call: 920-209-0081

  • DFWD=Diesel Four Wheel Drive Trucks
  • FWD=Four Wheel Drive Trucks
  • HSS=Heavy Super Stock Tractors
  • HSSD=Heavy Super Stock Diesel Tractors
  • LMOD=6300lb (Light) Modified Tractors
  • LLSS=Light Limited Super Stock Tractors
  • LIMPS=Limited Pro Stock Tractors
  • LTPS=Light Pro Stock Tractors
  • LSS=Light Super Stock Tractors
  • LUNL=Light Unlimited Modified Tractors
  • MINI=Modified Mini Tractors
  • MOD=Modified Tractors
  • PS=Pro Stock Tractors
  • PS4X4=Pro Stock Diesel FWD Trucks
  • PS-SEMI=Pro Stock Semis
  • SEMI=Super Semis
  • SFT=Super Farm Tractors
  • SMFWD=Super Modified Four Wheel Drive Trucks
  • SSD=Super Stock Diesel Tractors
  • SSD4X4=Super Stock Diesel FWD Trucks
  • SSFWD=Super Stock Four Wheel Drive Trucks
  • SSO=Super Stock Alcohol Tractors
  • TWD=Two Wheel Drive Trucks
  • UNL=Unlimited Modified Tractors