Tech Information

Items/rule changes that go in effect for the 2020 season

Attention all pullers: Note the following clarifications/updated wording to General Rules (2020 Pulling Rules, page 23) effective immediately:

Rule 4 now reads:

4. The following rule will apply to all divisions that use solid driveline shields over 16 inches in length:

  • Note: this also applies to Mini Rod division and the intermediate shaft on FWD.

All driveline shield components must be tethered on each end by two opposing restraints. Tethers must attach at 180 degrees of each other and a minimum of 3” and a maximum of 6” from each end of each driveline shield component.

Tether to be constructed of a minimum of 2” wide by 1/8” thick nylon or polyester strap. One end of tether must attach to one side of the chassis, then go around the driveline shield, then attach to the other side of the chassis. Tether must be attached to chassis by a minimum of one 3/8” grade 5 bolt with a grommet on each side or wrap around the chassis and use a buckle to fasten it to itself.

  • Note: FWD drivelines that use driveshaft hoops must use same tether configuration to be attached to main or common hoop holder between chassis and hoop assembly.

Attention: Competitors in Turbocharged Divisions/Pro Stock: The following rules are effective immediately:

  1. Titanium compressor or exhaust wheels are not allowed in any/all NTPA classes that use turbos at all levels of competition.
  2. Heavy Pro Stock tractors are limited to the following:
    • Exhaust limited to 6-inch diameter exhaust to be measured at the face of the wheel.
    • Exhaust wheel must protrude into the 6-inch bore by 0.125” minimum.
    • All exhaust must exit the 6-inch bore.

General rules:

  1. 2019 rulebook pg 18, letter C, number 12 b, now reads:
    All automotive-type engines with bellhousings and clutch will run a full block plate, either a unit commercially available, or minimum 3/16-inch steel, or minimum 1/4-inch aluminum with (6) 3/8-inch Grade #5 bolts evenly spaced on the bottom of the bellhousing. Bellhousing must be fastened with a minimum 3/8″ grade #5 bolt installed in each bellhousing mounting hole as manufactured. All bellhousing mounting bolts must pass through block plate or at least fasten block plate to bellhousing.”
  2. 2019 rulebook pg 24, letter G now reads:
    Automotive engine is any engine or its replica available in a passenger car. Maximum of (8) cylinders. Maximum supercharger size: 14-71, 19-inch rotor case length, 11.25-inch rotor case width. Helix restricted to a maximum rotor spiral of 6.5 degrees per inch of rotor length. Variable multi-speed supercharger devices prohibited.”
  3. Add to 2019 rulebook pg 41, letter R:
    Pro Charger allowed in all divisions with a limit of 140 mm inlet, at 45% overdrive maximum.
  4. Add to 2019 rulebook pg 25, letter G, number 5 and pg 41, letter R:
    “Screw-type superchargers are only allowed in the Unlimited (light and heavy) class. Overdrive limited to 125%.”

Mini Rods:

  1. 2019 rulebook pg 60, letter A, number 1 now reads:
    Automotive engine or its replica available in a passenger car limited to a maximum of 575 cubic inches blown with a maximum 4.900-inch centerline bore spacing or 650 cu. in. naturally aspirated or one gas turbine with an 1,800-hp limit for all National levels of pulling.
  2. Add to 2019 rulebook pg 63 new letter J to read:
    At Super National events in Mini Rod division, no vehicles equipped with small block (blown or otherwise) or naturally aspirated engines (regardless of size) or with rear tires smaller than 18.4 x 16.1 are allowed to enter and run.”

TWD Trucks

  1. Add to 2019 rulebook pg 76, letter F, number 3, new letter b:
    Prior to competition, a TWD must be equipped with an NTPA-approved assembly that will accept a wire tie-type adjustment lock seal. This seal will be applied and secured at the time of drawbar measurement and inspection. The system must be designed so that the seal prevents the drawbar from further adjustment in any direction. (details and drawing will be in 2020 rulebook)

Contest Operations:

  1. 2019 rulebook pg 88, letter E number 7 now reads:
    If a session is cancelled more than 24 hours prior to start time at GN/SN or 3 hours at RN/state level, no points will be given for that session.”


2019 Rule pg 87 letter D, number 1 & 2 now reads:

  1. At all NTPA-sanctioned events, (all levels) the maximum measurable distance will be 350 feet. Length/distance may be less as determined by that event’s insurance application and as verified by NTPA.
  2. The boundary lines at all levels will extend to 350 feet.”

Rules and Regulations:

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