Still going strong 50 years later!

The Wisconsin Tractor Pullers Association (WTPA) was first organized in April of 1970 during the first official meeting in Stoughton, WI. It was announced at this meeting that there would be a test pull at Lloyd Luedtke’s home using his sled on May 31, 1970. This test pull would officially start the 1st pulling season of WTPA.

During that pulling season there were 47 WTPA members. They participated in 13 events around the state of Wisconsin in their first year. In October, they held a state championship pull at the World Dairy Expo inside the Dane County Arena. On December 1st the first annual WTPA Awards Banquet was held at the Madison Holiday Inn East.

Well, 50 years later, WTPA is still strong and growing every year. The Wisconsin Tractor Pullers Association is governed by an 9 member board. All members are elected by the general membership at their meeting every December. To be eligible for a position on the board they must be a member and a current resident of Wisconsin. If elected they will serve a 3 year term on the board and attend frequent meetings to discuss issues for the state.

WTPA is a member state of the National Tractors Pullers Association (NTPA).

WTPA offers nine point classes; Super Farm Tractors, Limited Pro Stock Tractors, Light Pro Stock Tractors, Light Limited Super Stock Tractors, Light Super Stock Tractors, Modified Mini Tractors, Two Wheel Drive Trucks, Four Wheel Drive Trucks, and 2.6 Diesel Four Wheel Drive Trucks.

Board of Directors

Kurt Afdahl

Vice President
Roger Kutz

Chris Pichler

Lony Oestreich

At-Large Members
Alan Cook
Jeff Guza
Gary Hagel
Nathan Hoffman
Dennis Jakobi

Sponsorship Coordinator

Alan Cook

Promotions Coordinator

Brent Yaron


Brent Yaron