Smoke N’ Thunder by the Kinni Recap

Smoke N’ Thunder by the Kinni, hosted by the River Falls FFA Alumni,  was held on July 13th, 2019 at 7:00 PM. The pull had two tracks with the NTPA Region III Limited Pro-Stock and Super Farm classes kicking off the night. In the Limited Pro-Stock, Bill Figanbaum “Instigator” started the night with a pull that would lead the class for the majority of the class until the last three tractors pulled. The saying “saving the best for last” was definitely true for the class that night. Casey Leer “Badger Deere”, Bryan Deck “One Bad Apple”, and Jeremy Ploetz “Big One” were the last three puller of the night and finished as the top three pullers of the night with Jeremy Ploetz “Big One” taking the win by over 23 feet. 

In the Super Farm class, the finishing results were fairly spread out compared to the lineup of the class. With the track having a soft spot, it was difficult to navigate and make a pass that could win the night. Trevan Rohde “Somethin’ Fierce” did just that. Being near the middle of the class, Rohde was able to determine the best route to take down the track to win the class for a second year in a row. Rohde won the class by over 8 ft against his fellow competitor Mike Wegner “Power-Up who finished 2nd  with a strong pass. 

As the night continued, the NTPA Region III Light Pro Stock class started with Kurt Afdahl “Weekend Mistress.” After his pull, the sled was reweighed resulting in Afdahl re-hooking at the end of the class. Eric Dorwin pulled first after the sled was reweighed and kept the lead until Bryce Pichler pulled Alan Cook’s “Black Thunder” beating Dorwin’s distance by over 5 feet.  Pichler and Cook were able to keep the lead the rest of class and took home the win for the second year in a row. 

Finishing the night was WTPA’s Light Super Stock class. Marcus Wettleson “Gunpowder and Lead” kicked off the class with a hook that would be tough to beat, 299.555. Last year’s class winner, Bryce Pichler “Red Thunder” was next to hook and made his best attempt to beat Wettleson, but was not able to too. Kevin Lynn “504 Rocket,” pulled second to last in the class and was the only competitor to get close to Wettleson with a distance of 292.885 ft.

WTPA would like to thank the River Falls FFA, River Falls FFA Alumni Association, Ryan, Keith, Pete, and Chris Kusilek for having WTPA out in River Falls, WI! We hope to be back there next year and put on another great show for the families and fans of WTPA Truck and Tractor pulling in your area.

Congratulation to the Smoke N’ Thunder by the Kinni Champions!

Super Farm Tractors: Trevan Rohde – “Somethin’ Fierce

Limited Pro-Stock Tractors: Jeremy Ploetz – “Big One

Light Pro-Stock Tractors: Bryce Pichler (Alan Cook) – “Black Thunder

Light Super Stock Tractors: Bryce Pichler – “Red Thunder

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Kaytlyn Larson – WTPA Website and Facebook Editor

Bryce Pichler driving Alan Cook’s “Black Thunder” and taking the lead in the Light Pro-Stock Class.