Smoke in the Valley (Boscobel Antique Club) hosted the first official WTPA event of the 2019 season on Saturday, June 1st at 6:30 PM in Boscobel, WI. Earlier in the week pullers and fans were worried about the rainy weather conditions for the pull on Saturday. Luckily, the promoter, Chad Haggerty, covered the track and preserved if from the rain allowing it to be ready on Saturday. The event began around 6:30 PM with the Light Limited Super Stock Tractors after which the Light Pro-Stock Tractors, Two-Wheel Drive Trucks, Super Farm Tractors and Light Super Stock Tractors followed. With many defending champions and new vehicles out for the season, the night brought much excitement.

Congratulation to the 2019 Smoke in the Valley class winners:

Light Limited Super Stock Tractors: David Baehr – “Big Blue”

Light Pro-Stock Tractors: Alan Cook – “Black Thunder”

Two-Wheel Drive Trucks: Chad Haggerty – “Hillbilly Hot Rod”

Super Farm Tractors: Jeff Martyn – “The Hustler”

Light Super Stock Tractors: Bryce Pichler – “Red Thunder”

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-Kaytlyn Larson, WTPA Facebook and Website Editor