Reigning NTPA Regional Event of the Year to Kickoff 2022 Schedule!

Big things accompany each and every WTPA season but this one has a slightly different feel to it. Not only is the Showdown In Curdtown leading the way in 2022, but it’s doing so as the title holder of NTPA Regional Event of the Year. This prestigious crown has eluded Wisconsin pulling since its inception but no longer can that be said. Move over neighbors to our east and west, the Showdown In Curdtown is now your new leader in the clubhouse.

We had the chance to speak with Mr. Kevin Lindstrom of the Ellsworth FFA Alumni and he said, “everything is on track” for this year’s event to hit the ground running. In fact, we caught him on a night where he was back and forth to the venue, going over the track to make sure it was spot on for NTPA & WTPA action. Did we say track? What we meant to say was two tracks of action coming at you this weekend. Kevin says everyone often refers to this event as a big “risk or reward” event due to its early season calendar date. We all know pullers are battling all winter to get parts, engines, trips to the dyno and possibly a test hook or two before Ellsworth. Some make it just in time and 2022 will be no different as you ask around.

Of course if you take a quick look back at the 2021 event, Kevin stated, “It was our biggest event ever crowd wise.” He immediately looked at the fact that 2020 was wiped out so people were certainly looking to get back to a pull in 2021. Last year’s event was standing room only and the Ellsworth FFA Alumni already jumped at the chance to add a few more bleachers on the infield side in hopes of accompanying even more pulling fans at this year’s event. That might be even more pivotal this weekend as the class list grows with the addition of the Light Limited Super Stock Tractors. A class rich in local talent, the battle of alcohol vs. diesel, and the wide variety of brands, it’s sure to add another layer of excitement to the evening’s menu.

Now we would be remise if we didn’t mention the work that goes into an event of this caliber. When asked, Kevin told us they have about 20 core members who volunteer to make this event possible. He went on to say that as a whole, some 15 plus clubs and/or organizations get involved, truly making this a community and regional based collaboration. It’s what you love to see and hear. A lot of funds are generated from an event this size but as Kevin told us, that money goes right back into improving the community with donations to such organizations as the local EMS, fire department and FFA chapter.

The pullers are wrenching as we speak, the venue is getting a makeover all week via the event staff and now to you pulling fans, consider this your notice to get to Ellsworth this weekend. The 2022 Showdown In Curdtown is the DEFENDING NTPA Regional Event of the Year and it takes everyone; fans, pullers and event staff alike to make it happen. So do your part and go enjoy the pull this Saturday at 6:00PM at the Pierce County Fairgrounds in Ellsworth, WI!

Thank you to Kevin Lindstrom for your time in assisting with this article.

Please note that there will be extra parking at the Ellsworth High School this weekend with shuttles running fans back and forth. You can also buy your tickets TODAY and skip the line. Please see the link below:

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