Wisconsin Tractor Pullers Association: 2021 In Review

To say the 2021 season came back in a big way might be the understatement of the year and beyond! Pulling came to a standstill almost completely for most of the WTPA members. Life pushed on and everyone did what they needed to move forward, but no question the thought of pulling and seeing the “family” loomed large. We entered this past summer with a huge return for the men and women of the Wisconsin Tractor Pullers Association. They came, they saw, and they did some serious winning across all aspects of the local, regional and even national pulling scene!

This brings us to our most recent event, the WTPA & NTPA Region III banquet held at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells on December 11th. You know its going to be a grand gala, a who’s who of pulling when you meet at a prestigious place like the Chula Vista and it was every bit of that. Of course, unlike so many banquets where its about stats, numbers or business, at this banquet it was about the “pulling family” and all that they do to make our sport so special. From the moment you stepped into the hotel, until the time you checked out of the complex afterwards, it was wall-to-wall friends and family time. That first hello from your favorite competitor, to a “hey there, how are ya” in everyone’s favorite Wisconsin accent. It’s a heart warming winter feeling to see all these wonderful people again. The celebration that occurred thereafter was ever so fitting for this well-rounded group of individuals.

The WTPA made some serious noise this year and brought home elite awards like “NTPA State Member of the Year” thanks to outstanding work from our board members, tech officials, entry ladies, event staff and top-notch pullers. Or there was the news that reverberated across the national landscape when just a week earlier, it was announced that Ellsworth’s own “Showdown in Curdtown” won “NTPA Regional Event of the Year” which hasn’t left the state of Ohio in some time. It’s a big deal, from the promoters who, kid you not, work a full year to get these shows in line. Or the club members who work full-time jobs and then what can feel like another full-time job on their pulling hobby. These awards set examples of excellence and for them to both come home to the badger state in the same year gives you a taste of how successful 2021 was for the WTPA and Region III members.

The Wisconsin Tractor Pullers Association, made up of more than 100 members ranging from pullers to staff and track officials, hands out some pretty impressive accolades every year to those deserving folks who made an impression. Whether it be for accomplishments on or off the track, they prove why WTPA continues to run at a high level. Take a minute and as we recognize them here.


WTPA Event of the Year: “Pulling for Youth Hunger & Health” presented by Colby Pullers Club

WTPA Promoter of the Year: Kevin & Jeanne Lindstrom of the Ellsworth FFA Alumni

WTPA Rookie of the Year: Teigyn Moore

Sportsmanship Award: Shannon Nelson

Jerry Hoffman Memorial Award: Alan Cook

Dave Deutscher Memorial Tech Award: Roger Kutz


Super Farm Tractors: Dan Schulte “Binder Express” (WTPA & R3 Champion)

Limited Pro Stock Tractors: Kevin Lindstrom “Hyper Harvester” / Matt Lindstrom & Mike Sather “Adrenaline Rush”

Light Pro Stock Tractors: Alan Cook “Black Thunder” / Collin Birkholz “IH 1456”

Light Limited Super Stock Tractors: Jeremy Roff “Mohawk Warrior” (WTPA Champion)

Light Super Stock Tractors: Red Thunder Pulling Team (WTPA & R3 Champions)

Heavy Super Stock Tractors: Joe & Zach Degenhardt “Diggin’ Hard” (R3 Champion)

Modified Mini Tractors: Nathan Hoffman “Shakin’ Shamrock” / Brian Guza “Grandpa’s Disaster”

Modified Tractors: Adam Revier “Iron Phoenix” (R3 Champion)

Two Wheel Drive Trucks: Kim Moore “Pack Rat VII” / Dustin Amundson “Bottoms Up”

Super Stock Trucks: John Auman “The Last Outlaw” (WTPA Champion)

Four Wheel Drive Trucks: Julie Haekenkamp “Chances” / Andy Skluzacek “The Kernel”

Pro Street Diesel Trucks: Ray Jay Rindt “Wicked White Knight” (WTPA Champion)

Please visit wtpapull.com/points or ntpapull.com for official point standings.

This isn’t just a roster of award winners but a blueprint of what it takes to push the bar to a whole new level. These events, these pullers, promoters and tech officials are why so many consider the WTPA elite when it comes to the sport of truck & tractor pulling. Watching Shannon Nelson stand at the podium speechless (which isn’t what the guy is known for) was a very heart-warming moment. Seeing Kevin Lindstrom in front of the crowd that admires him so much and speak but a few words about how lucky he is to have so many great people working with him says all you need to know about his character. Guys like Lony Oestreich with the Colby Pullers Club who was brimming with excitement over his club’s accomplishments and energy to improve the community for the better, tells you the foundation they are building is here to stay.

Speaking of a foundation, this year’s “WTPA Rookie of the Year” Teigyn Moore certainly came onto the scene in a strong manner. The award, traditionally highlighting a puller who has little or no major pulling experience, shined a light on a very talented up and comer this year. Its been said over and over how dedicated Teigyn has been to the family business of pulling and this year he finally made his own mark when grandpa, Doc, gave him the keys to his Two Wheel Drive Truck! Big things are expected from him going forward. Then there is the recipient of the “Jerry Hoffman Memorial Award” which annually highlights someone going above and beyond for the club, Mr. Alan Cook. Supporting the club in a number of ways, not to mention being the sponsorship coordinator and a puller to boot, Alan has been an instrumental part of the WTPA makeup. He without question represents the spirit of this award and what it means to the organization.

Last, but certainly not least, members of the banquet took to their feet with a very rousing standing ovation for Mr. Roger Kutz as he stepped up to receive his award for tech official of the year. A man that has overcome enough obstacles in life and yet he pours his heart and soul into making the club better. Its been said by many people over and over that no one knows rules like Roger and that he is always the first one to arrive to begin show prep. An award very well deserved. Pulling fans, these are just a few examples of WTPA members who put community, family and friends first. They truly exemplify greatness in what they do for the betterment of those around them.

It would also be an injustice to not mention the extremely professional and job well done by Greg Hoeser, who was the banquet’s MC for the night and maybe the more well-known WTPA event announcer. His voice has become synonymous with greatness and the banquet was no exception. A special thanks to Greg for continuing his services on this night and knocking it out of the park.

So to wrap up this year’s WTPA/Region III banquet appropriately, it just needs to be mentioned that pulling is BACK in the badger state. While we all know so many are facing challenges back at home and with their businesses, it was nice to see so many members be able to get back on their feet and for the fans, seeing them get back on the track. This club has so many components that make it what it is today. The staff members who are working behind the scenes on the paperwork, events, marketing and promotions to those on gameday working in the trailer and up in the crow’s nest. The tech officials who spend literally hours mulling over rules to fulfill their duties on the track to keep everyone fair and honest, along with safety for everyone on the grounds. The pullers who spend night and day in the shop, only to get maybe one pass on the weekends to wow the crowds. The sponsors, who stepped up in a huge way this year to support the club and make navigating the choppy waters just a little bit easier.

And finally, to the many fans who came out this year to support the club, making this banquet and season just a little more meaningful. There is no doubt that this club works so hard to put on the best possible show for each and every one of you. Your continued support of WTPA and Region III events is crucial and much appreciated. Thank you for making our pulling events your destination last summer and its everyone’s hope you do the same in 2022.

A special thanks goes out to each and every member of the WTPA and NTPA Region III crew who made the banquet and season a phenomenal success. Your effort, teamwork, selfless acts and contributions are second to none in the pulling world and are a reason you should be held in the highest regards. Here’s to a safe and healthy off-season for everyone and we all look forward to seeing you again for a new campaign in 2022.