2019 Champions

Super Farm Tractor Champion – Jeff and Kyle Larson “Hotwire”

Congratulations to the 2019 WTPA Super Farm Champions, father and son duo, Jeff and Kyle Larson – “Hotwire.” Jeff Larson has been pulling for over 30 years and started pulling, as most do, with farm classes at local pulls. In 2009, Jeff upgraded to the Super Farm class with WTPA and has been a top competitor with WTPA. Kyle Larson started similarly with farm classes and then joined Jeff as a driver in the fall of 2009. Since then, they have been alternating as drivers and have been a very successful team.

You could say that Jeff’s itch for pulling started when he married his wife, Tammy (Cook) Larson 30 years ago. Jeff and Tammy have 3 children Kyle, Kaytlyn, and Kirstyn who are also very involved with the sport as well. Jeff is an Electrical Supervisor/Project Manager for RTP Company and celebrated his 30th year with the company in 2018. Kyle is a Senior CNC Machinist at Maxville Machine in Durand, WI, but lives with his wife, Erica, in Kendall, WI. Kyle is also an extremely talented auto body technician. He designed and painted the artwork on the tractor!

Hotwire has consistently been in the top 3 over the past 9 years. Winnings include; 2017, Hotwire won the Region III points championship and made it to the Enderle Pull-Off where they placed 2nd among the top competitors. In 2018, after a tough battle with Somethin’ Fierce, they captured the WTPA points championship and won the night in Ridgeland, WI.

Congratulations again and we look forward to seeing what “Hotwire” will bring to the season next year!

Modified Mini – Brian Guza “Grandpa’s Disaster” 

With only five pulls and four very tough competitors this season, the Modified Mini class was neck and neck for points the entire season. Any given week the leader could change, but the opportunity for our champion to take the final lead started when he placed first in points for the season in Colby, WI this year. After that win, Brian Guza’s drive to win the class was ignited and led him to win the remaining two first place points for the season finishing one point ahead of former champion Nathan Hoffman – “Shakin’ Shamrock.”

Congratulation to the 2019 WTPA Modified Mini Champion, Brian Guza – “Grandpa’s Disaster.”

Brian’s love for tractor pulling started when he was very young. He attended his first tractor pull when he was only 6 months old and continued to go to tractor pulls with his Dad while growing up. It was about 15 years ago when Brian decided to switch his bleacher seat for a seat on a farm tractor. 4 years later, Brian’s Grandpa, Ed Guza, decided that he wanted to build a tractor that could, “compete with the best out there.” In 2010, the Modified Mini – “Grandpa’s Disaster” joined the Disaster Pulling Team and Brian started pulling with WTPA.

Since his start, Brian has finished in the top 3 numerous times, but this is his first championship. Brian was also invited to participate in the 2019 Enderle Pull-Off competition where he finished 3rd among the top competitors in the nation, after winning the 2019 NTPA Truck and Tractor Pulling Region III circuit.

Brian and his wife, Joanna Guza, live in Denmark, WI, however, Disaster Pulling Team is from Taylor, WI. Also, part of the team is the Light Super Stock “Flirtin’ with Disaster” piloted by Jeff Guza and a second Modified Mini “Little Disaster” piloted by Christopher Burnett who finished third in the 2019 season just two points behind Brian.

Lastly, Brian is a Diesel Engineer at Point Beach Nuclear Plant and is also a Garlic Farmer with his wife. Check out Guza Garlic to learn more about their harvest and growing family!

Congratulations again to the Disaster Pulling Team and Brian Guza on a well-deserved championship and year! We look forward to seeing what Disaster Pulling will bring to WTPA next year.

Light Super Stock Tractor Champion – Red Thunder (Bryce Pichler) “Red Thunder”

Congratulations to the Red Thunder Team and their 2019 Light Super Stock Championship! The Red Thunder Team is piloted by many team members, but that doesn’t stop them from consistently being top competitors. During the 2019 season Red Thunder made a tremendous accomplishment of winning both sessions and the overall points at the Budweiser Dairyland Super National Truck and Tractor Pull! Congratulations on an amazing season and we look forward to the 2020 season with Red Thunder!

Limited Pro-Stock Tractor Champion – Roger Scalzo “Bad to the Bone”

The defending 2018 Limited Pro-Stock Champion defended his Championship title and is the 2019 Champion. Roger Scalzo has been pulling for 4 years in the 4.1. In addition to his WTPA Championship title he was also the National Farm Machinery Show winner for the 2019 Limited Pro Stock Class.

Roger is from Spooner, WI and drives the ferocious Bad to the Bone. Part of the team is Roger’s two daughters, Courtney Einum and Michaela Scalzo; Roger Scalzo Sr., Doug Scalzo, Jeremy Derby, and Duane Folz. When Roger isn’t pulling, he works as a trucker of Raw Forrest Products.

Congratulations on your 2019 Championship!

Light Pro-Stock Tractor Champion – Eric and Travis Dorwin “Young Bucks Reloaded”

Congratulations to the 2019 WTPA Light Pro-Stock Point Champion, Eric Dorwin – “Young Bucks Reloaded” and co-driver Travis Dorwin. Eric has been driving for 7 years, but this is the first year in the Light Pro-Stock class. Previously Dorwin pulled in the WTPA Super Farm class and was a tough competitor. This year, Dorwin made his intentions for the class very obvious right away with placing either first or second for the first six pulls of the season and his averaged finishing position being second place over the entire season.

When Eric isn’t building this tough running tractor with his cousin and dad, Mike Dorwin, Eric works on his family farm in Baldwin, WI.

Congratulations again and we are excited to see what you bring next year to WTPA pulling!

Two-Wheel Drive Truck Champion – Chad Haggerty “Hillbilly Hot Rod”

Congratulation Chad Haggerty on your 2019 WTPA Two-Wheel Drive Truck Championship! Chad started pulling in 1985 with blown mud racing but left the sport after he got bored with “a little circle track.” However, he didn’t leave the sport forever. Fifteen years ago, he reentered the pulling world and currently drives the winning two-wheel drive truck “Hillbilly Hot Rod.”

Chad resides in Gays Mills, WI which is just outside of Boscobel, WI. His pit crew includes his girlfriend, Lorri, two sons, Drake and Jacob, and father, Lynn. You can often find his pit crew helping him prepare the truck for each pull and celebrating after a dominating pass! When Chad isn’t making winning passes, he works as a paint and body tech at Ring Brothers in Spring Green, WI.

As for the name of the truck, Chad thought about what a “hillbilly” would do if they won the lottery. Chad jokingly said, “build a pulling truck [hot rod]” and well that’s what he did! He also wanted to incorporate the pin-up girl idea into the design and after creating the name he said, “[i] just tied it all together.”

Congratulation, again, on a fantastic season! We look forward to seeing the Hillbilly Hot Rod during the 2020 season!

Four-Wheel Drive Truck Champion – Matt Davis “Outrage”

Congratulations to the 2019 WTPA Four-Wheel Drive Truck Champion, Matt Davis! Matt drives the Four-Wheel Drive truck, Outrage and finished 2nd in the WTPA points last year. Matt has been driving for 28 years and is consistently a top competitor in the Four-Wheel Drive class.

Matt and his wife, Andrea, live in Jefferson, WI and have 3 children; Cameron, Seth and Bree. The Davis Motorsports team also competes with another Four-Wheel Drive truck, Back Feed, which is piloted by Seth. This year Seth finished second right behind his Dad.

Congratulations again and we look forward to seeing what the Davis Motorsports team will bring to the track again next year!

Light Limited Super Stock Champion – Steve Zenz “Z-Ride”

Congratulations to the 2019 WTPA Light Limited Pro-Stock Point Champion, Steve Zenz – “Z-Ride.” In the 2018 season, Z-Ride finished just 3 points behind the champion, Brian Miller – Case of Alcoholism and two points ahead of the 3rd place finisher, Jeremy Roff – Mohawk Warrior. This year, Zenz brought his competition full force and won the class by two points ahead of fellow competitor David Baehr – “Big Blue.”

Steve has been pulling for 15 years and is the head of the Z-Ridge Pulling Team. When he isn’t driving the forceful Light Limited Super Stock Z-Ride, he is working as an Operations Partner at Amcor.

We look forward to seeing the wild competition again next year in the Light Limited Super Stock class